A Double Feature

Phillip had a free movie bonus, through his Regal Rewards account, that had to be used before tomorrow. We looked at the movie listings last night and decided that we wanted to see either Ghostbusters or Jason Bourne – both playing at the Regal 16, Downtown.

We decided that Ghostbusters had been out longer, so we should see it before we see Jason Bourne.

We rode a 10 bus to Downtown, getting there early, on purpose. We hunted Pokémon, and also Found a geocache.

We got to the theater and bought our tickets – one free, one not. Then we headed upstairs to the concession area. I was thirsty, and wanted something to drink before the movie started. Phillip used his rewards card to get me a free soft drink.

The guy at the concession stand informed us that we had a free movie on the card, and that the movie had to be used before tomorrow. Phillip has no idea how that happened. He had the guy double-check to be sure. It was true.

As we walked toward the auditorium showing Ghostbusters, we passed the auditorium showing Jason Bourne. “You know,” said Phillip, “We could see both movies today.”

So, after we watched Ghostbusters (which was a whole lot of fun), we went down to the lobby and bought two tickets to Jason Bourne – one free, one not.

We went back up to the concession area, got free refills on our drinks, and enjoyed Jason Bourne a lot.

We walked over to the bus stop at The Convention Center. A 10 bus arrived before we had a chance to check OneBusAway.

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