Day 1: Columbia City, Genesee, and Little Saigon

This morning, on the first day of my vacation, I rode a Link light rail train from Capitol Hill Station to Columbia City Station. I walked down S Edmunds Street to Columbia City.

I hunted some Pokémon, but not much. My phone was around 85% when I arrived at Columbia Park, and I hadn’t brought a charger cord with me. I hadn’t planned on it being a Pokémon Go kind of day, anyway.

I sat in the park and read a few pages of The Light Side of the Moon, by Elizabeth Guizzetti. Today was hot and cloudless, but there was plenty of shade in the park. I went into the Columbia Branch Library (I’d never noticed until today that it’s not the Columbia City Library), which is adjacent to the park, and browsed around a while.


Genesee Park

I checked on geocaches in the area, and saw there was one in nearby Genesee Park. So, I took a walk and Found our 1214th cache. I wandered around the park a while, and circled back to Columbia City.

I walked up and down Rainier Avenue. I had a delicious roasted turkey sandwich at Geraldine’s Counter. I read some more while I waited for my order to arrive.

Little SaigonI wandered the side streets of Columbia City. I returned to Columbia Park, read some more, and returned to the library. Then I decided to make my way back to Columbia City Station.

But then I changed my mind. I walked over to the nearest bus stop and waited for a northbound 7 bus. A bus arrived before I could check OneBusAway.

I rode the bus as far as Little Saigon. A streetcar arrived a couple of minutes later. I rode the streetcar to the end of the line, at Capitol Hill Station. I walked home from there.

It’s been a great first day of vacation.


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