This May Be The Last Straw

As much as I’ve loved The Sims 4, it has aways been buggy. Interactions don’t always work. I’ve had to restart a Sim’s detective career a few times. People in the forums tell me it’s because of the custom content I have, but I don’t believe that. I’ve downloaded some clothing and carpets from trusted web sites – Mod The Sims and The Sims Resource, and not many others – but I find it hard to believe things that don’t alter the game play can screw up the game this much. (My version of The Sims 2 is still working well with an entire custom neighborhood full of custom content.) The game is just buggy.

Recently, Phillip was playing the game with the only family he’s created – Daryl and Alexander and their alien son, Max. He was shocked to find that Daryl and Alexander, who had been married from Young Adults into Elders, and were the best of friends, would no longer even hug each other.

I investigated, and found this with all of the Sims we’ve created. Friendship and Romance levels in all the households were down to zero. Married couples had to reintroduce themselves to each other. Casual friendships were gone completely. It was as if amnesia had stuck in every neighborhood.

Although I don’t like using cheats, I resorted to a cheat to rebuild as many relationships as I could.

When I wrote, in an earlier post, that this has been a great first day of vacation, that wasn’t entirely true. Before I left for Columbia City this morning, I decided to play The Sims 4 for about an hour.

I logged on and discovered that a lot of my content was gone. Restaurants I’d built in Willow Creek, Newcrest, and Magnolia Promenade were gone. The spa I’d placed in Magnolia Promenade was gone. The swimming pool I’d built to resemble a refurbished castle in Windenberg was gone. The brother and sister living in a pre-existing house in Windenberg were no longer living there. (I assume their house remodeling and their garden are gone as well.)

The worst, for me, was the “Romani House” Phillip had built in Windenberg. It, too, was gone. That hit me the hardest. It nearly ruined my day.

This house that Phillip built was an architectural marvel. It was built to resemble a Romani wagon. It had a curved roof, and a perfect stove pipe. Four bushes did a good job of approximating wheels. The back porch had a bench on it that looked just like a driver’s seat. There was a bonfire on the property, like vagabonds would use when setting up camp. I was impressed by it. At Phillip’s request, I moved a Sim into it.

I wish, now, that I had taken more, and better, screenshots of Phillip’s Romani House.

Because of the small footprint of the house, Phillip built the majority of it underground. There, he made efficient use of confined space (he tried to keep the underground portion as close in size to the upstairs as he could), and managed to fit in a kitchen, dining room, bedroom, living area, and bathroom.

I never knew that Phillip was such a good architect.

As of this morning, it’s a vacant lot. Of course, my Sim is no longer there.

I’ve written a service ticket to Origin. If I don’t get my content back – especially the Romani House – this may be the end of The Sims 4 for me.


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