Day 2: Brunch and The ID

Elena, my friend, former coworker, and fellow blogger, contacted me last week about getting together for lunch sometime during my vacation. We agreed to meet at 11:30 on Tuesday, in Cal Anderson Park, and decide where to go from there.

This morning, about 10:00, I was cleaning the bathroom, when I heard a message arrive on my phone. It was Elena. Her 41 bus was arriving in the tunnel. She apologized for the early arrival, but she was unfamiliar with light rail, and wasn’t sure what the connection would be like. (Honestly, I didn’t mind.) She said she’d wait in the park for me. I got ready to leave right away.

As I left our apartment, a message arrived from Sound Transit: Link service was interrupted due to a mechanical issue. I forwarded the message to Elena and walked to the park.

I hadn’t been waiting in the park long when another message arrived from Sound Transit: Link was back in service. I forwarded that message to Elena and immediately heard my name. Elena had arrived.

We had brunch at Lost Lake, caught up, and reminisced about old times.

Elena started asking a lot of questions about the First Hill Streetcar. She wanted to ride it to the International District, and catch a 41 bus from there. Can she use her ORCA card? How does she use it? How close to the tunnel station does the streetcar stop? Which stop should she use?

I told her: “You know what, I love riding the streetcar. I’ll ride with you.”

So, after brunch, we walked over to Broadway and had a three minute wait for the streetcar.

We rode as far at 5th & Jackson. Then Elena gave me a mini history tour of the International District. She showed me where she grew up, where her mother bought groceries, and the places important to the Filipino community.

We walked into International District/Chinatown Station together. A 41 bus had just arrived. Elena and I said goodbye, and promised to do this again soon.

Then I caught a light rail train home.

What a terrific morning!

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