Day 3: Bremerton, An Otter, and A Movie

This morning, I caught a 47 bus to 3rd and Pine. Then I rode a 14 down 3rd to Marion. Then I walked down to the ferry terminal and bought a ticket to Bremerton.

Why Bremerton? For one thing, it’s a beautiful, one-hour ferry ride across Puget Sound. The main reason, however, is that, unlike a lot of other destinations in the Washington State Ferry system, Bremerton is right there at the terminal. I wouldn’t need a car – I just step off the ferry and I’m in the heart of town.

While I was sitting in the Seattle ferry terminal, I received a text message from Phillip. Would I like to go to the 5:40 showing of Florence Foster Jenkins at the Sundance Theater?

(A few weeks ago, we had passes for a free preview of Florence Foster Jenkins. I went home sick in the middle of the day, however, so Phillip saw the show with Snowie. Phillip’s been wanting me to see it.)

I replied that I wasn’t sure I’d be back in time. Phillip told me to not rush my day – we can always see it another day.

It was a beautiful, clear day today – perfect for a ferry ride across the Sound. Today was hot, and the wind on the water felt nice.

After docking in Bremerton, I walked into that little park between the terminal and the Naval Ship Yard. As soon as I stepped into the park, an otter ( an otter! ) dashed out of some bushes right in front of me, made a u-turn, nearly causing me to trip over it, and raced down the rocks into the water.

I don’t think I’d ever been that close to an otter before. I had no idea otters moved that fast over land.

After wandering around the park for a while, I started making my way toward town. I came upon the Puget Sound Navy Museum. The sign said admission was free. I’m not one to pass up a free museum.

The Puget Sound Navy Museum was the hightlight of my trip to Bremerton. It’s a well-organized, polished museum, full of interactive multimedia exhibits – and it’s free!

The first floor of the museum is devoted to shipbuilding – its history on one side of the floor, and contemporary shipbuilding on the other. I watched a couple of videos of Naval Ship Yard workers talking about their jobs.

Most of the second floor is devoted to the aircraft carrier, USS John C. Stennis. There are exhibits of what the crew eats, how they exercise, and how they work together. There are videos of crew members talking about their jobs. I was able to lie down in a bunk, sit in a jet pilot’s seat, and see how airplanes are secured to the deck.

Also on the second floor are exhibits on the history of tattoos, and the link between The Navy and baseball.

After the museum, I wandered around Bremeton. I tried to hunt some Pokémon, but there weren’t many Pokéstops, and only two gyms – also, the app was being especially buggy today.

Panorama of the marina

I had some delicious fish and chips at Fritz European Fry House. I wandered north, into a more residential part of town. I made my way back into the more commercial area. Then I had an idea to see what the town’s library is like. Google Maps showed me it was right around the corner from where I was standing. The library is in a beautiful bright yellow Art Deco building, but small.

I exited the library and realized I was getting tired. It was 2:15, and the next ferry to Seattle was due to leave at 3:00. (I love the WSDOT app!) I was only a few blocks from the terminal.

I took a seat on the 3:00 ferry and sent a text message to Phillip. I was on the ferry, and I’ll meet him at the Sundance Theater. (I figured I’d be very early if I didn’t stop off at home, but I’d be cutting it too close if I did.)

The walk up the hill from the ferry terminal to University Street Station took more time than I’d estimated – even taking a shortcut through the Wells Fargo Bank Building. (Seattle really needs a bus terminal at the ferry terminal like Bremerton has.) I just missed a northbound Link train, but another one came by just a few minutes later. I rode to University of Washington Station. I had a one-minute wait for a 44 bus. I arrived at the theater right at 5:00. Phillip met me there a few minutes later.

Phillip was right. I loved Florence Foster Jenkins.

After the movie, Phillip and I hunted some Pokémon. Then we caught a 49 home.

I am exhausted.

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