Day 4: Oil Change and Recovery

I got the oil changed in our car this morning. Yes, I am on a rare vacation, and maybe there are more exciting things to do with my time off, but the oil change was almost due, I had the day off, and no plans for the day, and maybe Jiffy Lube might not be busy on a Thursday morning, so I might as well get it done.

The place was busier than I expected, but the shop worked effeciently (as always), and I was out of there in about a half hour.

As for the rest of the day, my mind kept telling me I should get out and do something. My body, meanwhile, kept saying, “Yeah, OK, maybe later.”

I was wiped out from yesterday’s adventures. I had the beginnings of a sunburn, and today’s sun did not feel good on my skin.

I spent the afternoon reading, and playing Cities: Skylines and The Sims 2. (I sent a second message to Origin this morning, since I haven’t yet received even an acknowledgement about my missing Sims 4 content.) 

I almost feel like today was a vacation from my vacation.

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