Day 5: Hempfest

Here’s the reason I chose this week for my vacation: Phillip had asked me to take today off, so that we could go to Hempfest together. I had some vacation time saved up, so I decided to take the whole week off.

We loaded up on sun protection, rode an 8 bus to Uptown, and walked to the festival, in Mytle Edwards Park. We agreed on our standard rule: When one of says it’s time to leave, it’s time to leave.

Today was the 25th anniversary of Hempfest. We had a great time. There were several stages with live music and speeches. There were plenty of vendor booths, and an overall sense of camaraderie. We walked from the Thomas Street overpass to the southern end of the festival, to the northern end, then back to the southern end, then back to the Tomas Street overpass. According to my ResQwalk app, I walked 5.93 miles today. (The bunnies at Rabbit Haven, in Gig Harbor, will be happy.)


A small section of Hempfest


Hempfest has an app!

We bought lots of water, flavored shaved ice, and lemonade. We also bought some bags, tie-dyed shirts, and a tie-dyed toilet seat. (We’d planned on replacing our toilet seat this weekend, and a relative of Ken Kesey was there, with Further, the magic bus, selling tie-dyed items, including toilet seats – so why not.)

As we left the festival, heading for the 8 bus back home, Phillip started getting exhausted. He asked if we could get a car2go. I found one three blocks away, and used my smart phone to reserve it, start the rental, and unlock the doors. It was pretty nifty.

It turned out the be the most expensive car2go trip I have ever taken. Traffic was at a crawl along Mercer Street. I’m not sure if there was an accident or just the usual Friday evening Mercer Mess. We had the air conditioner on full blast, and the radio on, so it was OK.

Eventually, we reached 5th Avenue. I turned right, wound through Belltown until I could get over to Fairview. Then I took us through Cascade, up over the Lakeview overpass, to Capitol Hill.

It was a 70 minute car2go drive from Uptown to Capitol Hill. It cost a little over $24. (I think that’s reasonable. The price, I mean, not the hour+ drive from Uptown to Capitol Hill.)


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