Sports Schedules

My goal for the immediate future is to pay attention to the Seattle Mariners schedule.

I walked down to the platform at Pioneer Square Station, on my way home today, and knew a game had let out. The platform was packed with people. I’d seen it before.

A two-car Link light rail train arrived and it was jammed with people. I had never seen a Link train as jammed with riders as that one. I couldn’t see the windows on the opposite side of the train – it was that packed. Somehow, a few more people managed to squeeze in. I decided to wait for the next one.

The train operator announced over the exterior speakers that another train was just a couple of minutes behind him. If you can’t get in, he suggested, wait for the next one.

The train left with still a lot of people on the platform.

A couple of 41 buses arrived and left.

Then a three-car train arrived. It, too was packed, but not as much as the previous one.

I stood from Pioneer Square to University Street. Then I found a seat. Most of the riders exited at Westlake Station. It was still crowded from there to Capitol Hill, but not as much.

It wasn’t so bad, actually. I knew I’d get home. I’m not complaining. I’m just saying that if I paid attention to the Mariners schedule (or whatever team is playing in the stadiums), I could avoid this scenario and have an easier commute.

I have options. But which one is the best? I could catch a 47 bus home, but that would mean going through Downtown, which would be generally crowded after a game. Still, it might be better than the tunnel.

I could ride a 12 bus up to First Hill, and catch the streetcar home. The First Hill Streetcar has stops near Safeco, but if Link in any indication, most of the game goers won’t be going to Capitol Hill.

It looks like the Mariners have a few away games coming up. I have time to plan it all out.


4 thoughts on “Sports Schedules

  1. Get your eyes on the team schedules, and input a reminder on your phone for an hour before you go home; then you have time to investigate the traffic patterns and make a plan.

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