Hunting With The Sisters

Phillip and I walked over to Cal Anderson Park this evening. We were wearing our typical summer jeans and t-shirts. I should have worn a sweater. It was downright chilly tonight. It felt good, actually, after all these days of 80+ degree weather.

We went to Cal Anderson for an event named Pokémon A-Go-Go. It was hosted by The Sisters Of Perpetual Endulgence, Abbey of Saint Joan.

For three continuous hours tonight, The Sisters placed lures at the three Pokéstops at 11th and Olive – Central Lutheran Church, Hugo House, and the park entrance. And we all sat around chatting and catching Pokémon.

Meanwhile, The Sisters sold raffle tickets, and held drawings throughtout the event. Phillip and I each won a $25 Visa card. The $50 gift certificate to a local restaurant was won by someone else.

It was a lot of fun. 

This event was a terrific idea, in my opinion.

Afterwards, Phillip and I had dinner at Lost Lake. (I had breakfast, actually- steak and eggs and coffee. And, yes, I drink coffee at 8:30 at night.) Then we caught a 49 bus home.

Smart phone shout out: OneBusAway worked fine on my old Tracfone, but the Android app works so much better. With just two taps, I was able to compare the arrival times of the 60 coming down Broadway and the 49 coming up Pine, and see that we’d have a shorter wait on Pine.

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