Remembering Stuff

This past weekend, I cleared off some books from my bedside stand. I chose three that I decided to contribute to the lending library at my office. So that I’d remember that I had those books to contribute, I put them in a separate bag and set it next to my work bag. In theory, carrying a second bag would help me remember.

Meanwhile, Phillip asked me to return a book to the library for him. It was perfect. I put his library book in the bag with my lending library books.

Before I left for work this morning, I checked the weather report. There was a 40% chance of rain. I put on a rain jacket, picked up my two bags, and walked out the door.

When I stepped out of our apartment building, it was already raining. I should have worn a hat, I decided. I returned to our apartment, grabbed a hat, and walked to the bus stop.

I got to work, retrieved my three books from my second bag, and contributed them to the office lending library. That worked perfectly.

The rain stopped early this morning, and the sun came out.

At the end of the day, that second bag reminded me that I needed to stop by the library on my way home.

As I descended the escalator into Pioneer Square Station, there was a chilly breeze. I should have worn a jacket, I thought to myself. Oh, yes – I did wear a jacket this morning. And a hat, too. They’re both at my desk. I didn’t go back for them.

My books are on the office lending library shelf. Phillip’s book is at the Capitol Hill Library. At least I remembered them.

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