Today was the grand opening of Link light rail’s newest station: Angle Lake. It’s a mile or so south of Seatac Airport. Phillip and I missed the grand opening, because we had other plans. That’s fine.

We had plans to go to Steamposium today, and earlier this week we realized that it’s this weekend. It kind of sneaked up on us. Before I had a chance to rush online and buy tickets, however, Phillip found something better.

The Smithsonian Museum was offering free passes, for two, to affiliated museums across the country. In Seattle, that seemed to include every museum in the area – including The Frye Museum, which is always free, anyway. (The Pinball Museum was not on the list, unfortunately.)

So, we skipped Steamposium today. Instead, we walked to Capitol Hill Station and rode Link light rail to University Street Station. Phillip had his free passes to the Seattle Art Museum.

I told Phillip that I’m not all that familiar with University Street Station, so we may have to guess which exit we’d need for the museum. We picked the right exit, however, and found ourselves right across the street from SAM. We arrived a half hour before the museum opened, as planned, and sat and played some Pokémon Go.

We had a fun time at the Seattle Art Museum. We covered all four floors and saw lots of fascinating pieces of art. We learned, among other things, that Nick Cave (the musician) is also a sculptor.

After SAM, we walked over to Target for some shopping. Then we walked to Westlake Center and split a Mediterranean hot dog at Dog in The Park.

My free passes were to the Experience Music Project. We could have ridden a bus there, but I wanted to ride the monorail, since it had been so long since we’d ridden it.

I’d forgotten how bumpy the monorail is. (Or maybe it’s just showing its age.)

We stuck to the Science Fiction side of EMP, and spent an extra $10 to see the Star Trek 50th Anniversary exhibit. We didn’t get to the music side at all. That’s fine.

Since we saw only half of EMP, we didn’t spend nearly as long there as we did at SAM. (It’s funny that I ended up with more photos than SAM.)

After EMP, we walked over to the Armory Building and had lunch at Premier Meat Pies.


Steak and Mushroom Pie

Then we caught and 8 bus home and collapsed. It was a terrific day.


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