Pasta In Everett

After spending the morning recovering form yesterday, Phillip and I drove up to Everett. It was Brian’s birthday party, at Giorgio’s Pizza & Pasta.

There was a good crowd there (some we knew more than others, but no strangers), spread out over several tables.

Brian went around and introduced each guest to everyone, explaining how he met them and how long he’d known them. I thought that was a very nice thing to do.

Brian is very good about keeping in touch with his friends.

He introduced Phillip and me together, explaining how we’d met through geocaching and our mutual friend Snowie. Brian, Kathi, and we tried to figure out what year that was. We agreed in must have been around 2008.

I tried to find the exact date we’d met – I’d written a blog post about our adventure finding their apartment – but discovered that the mobile version of this blog doesn’t have a search feature.

(It was March 15, 2008, by the way. We knew them as Briemh and Purrzah back then.)

It was a fun, laid-back little party. Afterwards, Phillip and I drove with Kelly back to her house. (Kelly and me in her car, and Phillip following us in our car.)

We had a short visit with Kelly, and then Phillip and I drove home.

It’s been a fun weekend.

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