My Latest Toy

harrysRecently, a flyer arrived in the mail from a company named Harry’s. It’s a sort of razor in the mail membership sort of thing. They’ll send me a free shaver, if I pay $3 for the shipping and agree to sign up for a packet of razor blades in the mail every two or three months.

I’d actually been thinking about something like this. I don’t like buying razor blades. They are expensive and a bit of a hassle to buy – since they tend to be locked up in drug stores, and require an employee’s assistance.

I figured out that the razors from Harry’s cost slightly less than the ones in the drug stores, and slightly easier to acquire.

What the heck. I signed up for a Harry’s membership. My shaver arrived today. My first packet of blades are scheduled to arrive in twelve days.

I’m keeping my old shaver in the cabinet, in the box my Harry’s shaver came in, just in case this thing doesn’t work out.


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