Always Have Options

I knew there was a Huskies game this evening. I knew the light rail trains would be packed. I also knew that, unlike the times when there was an afternoon Mariners game, the trains wouldn’t empty out at Westlake Station, and would still be packed when we got to Capitol Hill Station.

Capitol Hill Station is conveniently located near my storage unit, however, and the rent was due. So, I decided to ride a packed train, knowing I’d be standing the whole way.

(I wanted to get to the storage place before they closed, so I didn’t go for the 12 bus/streetcar option. Time wasn’t critical, but it was an issue. The last time I did this option, I had a 9-minute transfer for the streetcar.)

The northbound platform at Pioneer Square Station was filled with people wearing purple. I made my way to the back of the platform. The platform was only slightly less crowded back there. People are learning how to ride Link light rail, it seems.

A 3-car train arrived. It was crush-packed with riders. Maybe a third of the people on the platform made it onto the train. I didn’t make it on. The train operator announced that the next train was two minutes away. The doors closed, and the train left.

Two minutes later, a two-car train arrived. It was crush-packed with riders. I didn’t try to get on. I canceled my ORCA tap and returned to Third Avenue. I caught some bus up Third – I think it was a 38 – and I had a less-than-a-minute wait for a 10 on Pike.

I got to the storage place with plenty of time to spare.

I’ll know that the next time there’s a weekday Husky game to use the buses rather than Link.



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