The Perfect Conditions

I’d lost interest in The Light Side of the Moon, by Elizabeth Guizzetti, some time after page 300. At that point, it wasn’t nearly as action-packed as the pages before it, and nowhere near as action-packed as the first book, Other Systems. That wasn’t it, though – I just wasn’t reading much of anything. I was in a reading slump.

I kept plugging away at The Light Side of the Moon, however, even if I was reading only three or four pages at a sitting. I’d recommended Other Systems to Kelly, and she bought both books entirely on my recommendation. Kelly recently asked me which book I liked better, and I admitted that I’d read barely half of The Light Side of the Moon in the time it had taken her to read both books.

Today, Phillip and I drove up north to Arlington to visit Pamela. Phillip and Pamela had a project to work on, which left me alone in the living room for the majority of the morning. I’d brought my phone and The Light Side of the Moon to entertain me.

There I was, in the middle of nowhere, with no place to go take a walk, really, and having been acclimated to an urban environment, not being all that comfortable with all that openness even if I did feel like walking. The nearest Pokéstop was several miles away, and cell service gave me two bars at the most. Pamela has a television, but I’ve lost interest in TV.


Somewhere in Arlington

I was free from distractions. It was the perfect conditions for reading. Coincidentally, The Light Side of the Moon, suddenly became interesting again – still not much action, but interesting plot twists. I sailed through nearly a hundred pages, there in Pamela’s living room.

Phillip and Pamela got through with their project, and the three of us watched a DVD of Deadpool together. (We’d all seen it before.) Then we got in the car and drove to The Cedar Stump for their 2-for-1 prime rib dinner special.


Rest Your Rump At The Cedar Stump

We drove back to Pamela’s house, and Pamela gave Phillip a massage as payment for his help in the project. I read some more, free from distractions.

When Phillip and I got home tonight, I was on page 547 – only 27 pages to go.

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