Pokegone (For Now)

Last Friday morning, I thought I’d been banned from Pokémon Go. I hadn’t done anything to deserve to be banned – no second-party software or hacks – but that doesn’t eliminate the possibility of injustice.

screenshot_2016-09-30-08-12-11.pngI’ve had trouble logging in before, but nothing like Friday morning. The app asked me to log in like a new user, and, after several minutes, it couldn’t authenticate me. I tried a few times, and got the same results. It certainly felt like a ban. I sent a text message to Phillip, who suggested I post a message to the Pokémon Go Seattle Facebook group. So I did.

Pokémon Go Seattle is a great group. I received several excellent responses – basically, log off/log on, uninstall/reinstall, reboot. I followed their instructions, and I was back in the game, logged on and hunting Pokémon.

So I wasn’t banned, after all.

Then, Friday evening, I spent the entirety of the bus ride from Downtown to the storage place trying to log on. I spent the entirety of the walk home from the storage place trying to log on.

The problem continued on Saturday. By following the group instructions, I could occasionally log on, but most of the time, I could not.

On Sunday, I was in Arlington, and mostly out of cell phone and Pokémon range. But, I was able to play while Phillip drove us from The Cedar Stump to Pamela’s house.

The problem continued on Monday and Tuesday.

On Tuesday (yesterday), Phillip began experiencing the same problem.

This morning, there was an eloquent post by a guy named Blake to the Pokémon Go Seattle group. He was having persistent log in problems, and was feeling so frustrated that he was ready to quit playing.

I decided to walk up to Capitol Hill Station for my commute this morning. I spent the majority of the walk trying to log in – I wasn’t ever able to log in, I just gave up trying.

I got to work and, before my shift started, I wrote a reply to Blake’s post:

I’m with you, Blake. For the past several days, I’ve viewed the times I’ve been able to log in as very rare opportunities. Yesterday, I uninstalled and reinstalled the app three times, and was finally able to log in, in mid-afternoon.

Part of me says yeah, it’s a free game and it’s beta and I shouldn’t expect perfection until at least version 1.1.

However, I’m also thinking that, even in beta a game should work more often than it doesn’t. I’ve recently reached level 23, and it’s been fun. I’m thinking it’s time for me to uninstall the app for good, and wait for that version 1.1 to be released.

Then I uninstalled Pokémon Go from my phone. I may reinstall it sometime in the future. It was fun while it lasted.


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