Racing Through Dark Matter

dark-matterI picked up Dark Matter, by Blake Crouch, at the library, on my way home from work on Monday. After two evenings on the couch, and a train ride home, I am on page 101. (The book is 340 pages long.)

Maybe it was a reading slump, or maybe it was the wrong books, or the right books at the wrong time, but after dragging my feet through the last two books I read, I am racing through this one. I am loving it.

Here’s the story, so far: Dr. Jason Dessen is a physics professor. He goes out for a quick drink with an old friend, before dinner with his wife and teenage son. On his way home from the bar, he is kidnapped and drugged. He wakes up in a laboratory of some sort, where people are applauding, congratulating him, welcoming him back, and expecting a briefing on what happened. He has no idea who these people are, where he is, or what he’s supposed to be briefing them on. He manages to escape the lab. And then things get weirder.

I don’t know where this story is going. (I have a guess.) I knew only a brief synopsis when I put the novel on hold at the library. It’s certainly a mystery. It seems to be veering into science fiction, but I can’t quite tell.

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