80 Thousand



Last night, in Cities:Skylines, Riverton hit a population of 80,000. This turned the city into a “Megalopolis” and allowed me to build a space elevator. Riverton is only my second city with a space elevator.

Apparently, a space elevator is something like an airport. I’m not exactly sure what it connects to (an orbiting space station, perhaps?) but it brings tourists into the city and boosts business. That’s good, because Riverton already has a lovely airport, connected to roads, a passenger train line, metro (subway) lines, and a bus line – but it brings in less than a hundred tourists per week, and no one seems to use it to leave the city. (I’m not sure why.)


Beautiful, Empty Riverton Airport

Riverton’s new space elevator, connected only to a road and a passenger train, is bringing in 400-500 tourists per week. The game has no animation for the elevator – no people beaming into the sky – so it’s difficult to tell if anyone is using it to leave Riverton.


Space Elevator

Riverton is my most successful city yet. I didn’t set out to create a large city – it took a long time to reach 80,000. It has densely populated areas, full of skyscrapers and highrises, but also neighborhoods of low-density houses – and a lot of large, open, natural areas. It’s more like a metropolitan area than a single city, really, and that’s what I was aiming for. It’s a sprawling city. Citizens are mostly happy. Crime rate is low. Buildings rarely burn down.

The two most important-yet-obvious things I’ve learned from previous cities are: rails lines don’t always have to connect to the outside world (they can function nicely as in-city commuter lines or commercial transport), and metro lines don’t have to be a loop (point-to-point shuttle lines work just fine).


Visit Riverton!

Riverton has areas of traffic congestion, but with combinations of road diets, alternate routes, and public transit, I’m keeping it under control.

Last night, I followed a tourist. He was a “high wealth adult” named Dexter Harris. He arrived by space elevator and walked across the street to the train station. He rode the train to the transit hub at the airport, where he transferred to a metro line.

Mr. Harris rode to a metro station in the Pepperton district, where he transferred to another line. He exited at a metro station outside of the aquarium, in the Mermaid Park district,where he picked up a car. (Where did he get a car? Either Cities:Skylines has some sort of Grand Theft Auto crossover, or Riverton has a floating car-share system similar to car2go or ReachNow.)

Our featured tourist drove to a park and hung around for a while. Then he drove to another park. (I was impressed with a nice bit of game mechanics: When he returned to the car, it was the same car he arrived in, parked in the same spot. Traffic isn’t just randomly generated scenery in this game.)


Dexter Harris got in the car again, hit the freeway, and drove across town to the skyscraper district of Lakeside. He visited a Japanese garden, and then spent the evening at The Expo Center. He then drove a few blocks to a train station, left the car parked on the street, and rode a train out of town.

I hope Dexter Harris enjoyed his vist, and that he’ll return to Riverton soon!

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