I Bought A Book

Several weeks ago, Kelly highly recommended a book to me: The Atlantis  Gene by A.G. Riddle. I made a note of it.

The library didn’t have any copies of The Atlantis Gene and neither did Kobo Books. I realized that I just may have to actually buy a book.

Kelly had planned to come over this morning, and that reminded me that I had a book to buy. I’d planned on being out this afternoon, so I checked on the Elliott Bay Book web site. The Atlantis Gene was out of stock. Barnes & Noble didn’t carry it.

At nine o’clock this morning, I bought the book from Amazon and asked that it be shipped to the locker in The Broadway Market. The estimated delivery date was Monday.

Kelly came over. We did some shopping. Then she dropped Phillip and me off at Capitol Hill Station.

Phillip had a NorWesCon meeting this afternoon. I rode with him, on Link and RapidRide, to SeaTac. We had lunch together. Then I rode RapidRide to Angle Lake Station.

I’d never been to Angle Lake Station before. There’s not much there, except for parking. The station is a lot bigger than I imagined it would be.

I took a joyride on Link from Angle Lake Station to University of Washington Station, and then back to Capitol Hill Station.

I got fare-inspected on the ride from University of Washington.

I walked home and took a nap.

Phillip called me around 3:30. Did I want to meet him at Teriyaki & Wok, on Broadway? I walked up to Broadway, past The Broadway Market, and we had dinner.

Phillip and I walked home, past The Broadway Market. When we were about a block from home, we stopped because I wanted to take a video of the wind blowing through the trees. (There’s a huge storm on its way.)

While I was filming, my phone signaled that an email had arrived.

The video didn’t turn out well. There were actually two new emails. I decided to read them when we got home.

The first email was from Amazon. My book had shipped. The second email was from Amazon. My book had arrived.

I walked up to The Broadway Market and picked up my book.

When I got home, a new email arrived. My book had been picked up.

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