James/Raymond Drifts On

Today, Phillip and I spent the day in Everett, playing the final episode of Mage: The Awakening, along with Daniel, Ben, Kathi and Brian.

This was only the second time I have played a role-playing game all the way to its finale. (Brian tells me that most players don’t get to see a game wrap up.) I really didn’t realize how much I’d been enjoying the game until it ended.

I actually missed a great deal of today’s session’s middle act. The headache I woke up with this morning, which I’d thought was simply caffeine withdrawal, got worse, and was joined by dizziness and an upset stomach. I took a nap on the couch, with a kitten named Boo on my chest, while Phillip rolled the dice for my character.

But Phillip woke me up for the final act.

Our team captured the bad guy and destroyed all the cursed tokens which bound us through thirteen lives, spanning thirteen time periods.

My character: Raymond Carver (formerly James Joyce), former drifter, former employee at a Chinese herb shop (for less than a day), former busker, former Seattle Underground Tour guide, former musician with The Seattle Symphony, and former Sound Transit fare inspector, willing lost his magic powers. He said goodbye to his friends and goodbye to Seattle.

He is a drifter again. His name may be James Joyce again (if that ever was his real name). He has a home in Seattle. He may be back in a future game, as the token mortal on a team of mages.

Meanwhile, we still have the teenage superhero game going, and there are plans for a vampire role-playing game.

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