A Fun Day Off

Today is Phillip’s birthday, so we both took the day off from work.

We started our day off by riding a 47 bus to Downtown. Then we walked down 3rd Avenue, to Spring Street, and then over to 2nd and Spring. We walked into the Washington State Department of Licensing.

An hour later, Phillip put his new driver’s license in his wallet, and we walked over to University Street Station, on our way to The University Bookstore.

As we got to the station platform, Phillip realized that one of the 70-something buses could be a more direct ride to the bookstore than Link light rail. (In hindsight, he was right. Route 70 runs frequently along 3rd Ave, and stops at the bookstore.) Before I could check Trip Planner, or remember the 70, a Link train arrived. We got onboard.

We had no schedule today, and were in no hurry to get anywhere.

We exited at University of Washington Station, and arrived at the bus stop at the exact same time as a 44 bus.

At The University Bookstore, Phillip picked up his free birthday ear buds. Then we stopped into the bookstore café, where Phillip had a free birthday mocha and free birthday pastry. I had a latte, which I paid for, since it wasn’t my birthday.

Originally, Phillip had wanted to go to The Pinball Museum, in the International District, after the bookstore, but in the café, he changed his mind. (It’s his birthday, so he was calling the shots.) He wanted to see a movie instead.

We checked the schedule at The Crest. (Smart phones are kind of handy afterall.) Nothing was playing that we wanted to see. We checked The Sundance. The Girl on the Train was playing at 1:40. It was a little before 10:30. We agreed to hang around the U District for a couple of hours, and then go see The Girl on the Train.

While Phillip was browsing around the gifts section, I sat down at a table to buy our tickets online. Before I got to the Sundance web site, however, I glanced across the street to The Varsity Theater. The Girl on the Train was displayed on the marquee. I checked their schedule. It was playing at 10:55. It was 10:35.

We walked across the street and saw The Girl on the Train at The Varsity.

It was an excellent movie, and a good adaptation.

After the movie, we had lunch at Chipotle. Then we walked over to 15th Avenue, and had a 5 minute wait for a 49 bus.

At the bus stop, a stranger walked up to me and told me a joke: “What’s the difference between God and Donald Trump? God doesn’t think he’s Donald Trump.”

Phillip and I rode the 49 to the Pike/Pine neighborhood, where we bought some deserts for an upcoming Halloween party. On our way back to Broadway, I stopped to snap a photo of a lot of shoes hanging from the power lines. Another guy was there, taking the same photo. He and I had a laugh over that.

We got to the bus/streetcar stop, and before we had a chance to check OneBusAway, a 49 arrived. We had amazing luck with buses today.

We went home and did some laundry.

Phillip had this to say: “I spent my birthday renewing my driver’s license, seeing a depressing movie, and doing laundry.”

Seriously, though, we both enjoyed our day off.

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