Birthday Night

After a fun-filled Friday off (see previous post), Phillip and I went out for drinks and pinball at a couple of bars within walking distance from home.

We slept in late on Saturday. Then we put the finishing touches on our Halloween costumes. (Phillip: Mad Hatter, Me: White Rabbit) Then we drove up to our nephews’ (Colin and Sam) place for a fun party, along with Andrew, the two Coles, Lola and Jeff.

Sam made the most delicious meatloaf I have ever tasted. (It was wrapped in maple bacon, for one thing.)

We played a fun game called Joking Hazard, which is a lot like Cards Against Humanity, except the players compete to create a comic strip.

Phillip and I left the party, drove farther north, and knocked on Kelly’s door in the middle of the night. (Actually, it was more like 9:30 p.m. For Kelly, however, that’s the middle of the night.)

We spent the night at Kelly’s place. Then we all had a leisurely morning, playing Yahtzee and watching HGTV.

The three of us went to Everett Mall and watched Keeping Up With the Joneses. (Fun movie!) Phillip’s ticket and popcorn were a birthday present from Kelly.

Then we went back to Kelly’s place and had burritos with her mom, and watched HGTV.

Phillip and I are now home. It’s been a terrific three-day weekend.

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