Tough Times For Blogging

There has been a lot of stuff keeping me away from blogging this week. I’m into a very good book (The Atlantis Gene), there’s our rebirth of The Sims 4 – and I’ve started an exciting new city in Cities: Skylines.

The city of Edgewood is being built along a rocky, tropical coastline. I’m planning it to be more densely populated than my previous cities, but it will have some green spaces (I hope), some natural beaches, as well as some quiet, low-density districts.


Great views in the district of Green Woods

The area has plenty of fertile land for farming and a lot of forestland for lumber industry. It has strong winds to power wind turbines. It should be a “green” city, mostly.


Lumber industry in Green Woods

The thing that pleases me the most about Edgewood, so far, is that it contains a successful hydroelectric dam. I had never been able to get a dam working properly in Cities:Skylines until now. Edgewood’s dam is small, and not all that spectacular, but it’s generating a whopping 400 megawatts of electricity for the city. (That’s about ten coal power plants or 50 wind turbines.) A dam has none of the air pollution of coal power, nor the noise pollution of wind power.


Edgewood’s lovely dam

Edgewood has recently achieved the milestone of “Grand City” (solar power unlocked!) with a population of 19,000 citizens. The thing that’s going to be tricky about the city is that with all that density, running rail lines to those farms and lumber yards without line jams will be interesting.


Riverside homes in the district of Freemont


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