Creeping Crud

The illness I’ve been holding on to this past week hit me full force this weekend. I’ve been in bed for the past two days, and I’ve been out of the apartment only once – to go to the lobby to pick up the pizza Phillip had ordered.

We had plans to go see a movie at The Crest this afternoon, but I wasn’t feeling up to it.

As always happens when I’m sick in bed, drifting in and out of sleep, I’ve been having amazing, vivid dreams. And, as always happens, I can’t remember anything at all about these dreams. I have this vague feeling that they all followed a common theme, but that’s all I know about them.

Phillip and I watched the final episode of Season One of The Expanse last night. I really don’t understand why this show doesn’t have more of a fandom.

I’m less than a hundred pages away from the end of The Atlantis Gene, by A.G. Riddle. I’ll write a little review when I’m finished, but I am strongly considering buying the next book in the trilogy.

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