My Phone And The Middle Path

Yesterday, my phone signaled an alert (which I had set up) that I’d used 5 gigabytes of data. In other words: With less than a week left in my phone’s month, I had reached only halfway to my 10 gig data plan.

I haven’t been watching much YouTube on my phone (the channels I’ve subscribed to haven’t uploading much of interest this month, for one thing), I haven’t installed many apps lately, and I’ve discovered that if I’m persistent enough, and keep making attempts, my phone actually can connect to my office building’s public Wi-Fi (and use it for updating apps). That’s why I’ll likely end this phone-month with barely 6 gigs of data usage.

I realize now that I’m thinking about this phone usage all wrong. I think I should use a more Buddhist approach and seek the middle path – avoiding the extremes of indulgence and denial. I shouldn’t be phoneshy about using the data I’m paying for, nor should I start watching videos just to use up those 4 gigs at the end of the month. I should use this phone as a plaything and as a tool, as I feel like it, keep an eye on the data usage, and limit my usage only when it becomes necessary.

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