So That’s What It’s All About

I have never seen Game of Thrones.

We’ve never subscribed to HBO, and now we don’t have cable TV at all.

There are several Game of Thrones fans at work, and for years I’ve never been able to join in the episode discussions or understand the references.

When George R.R. Martin was the guest at NorWesCon, I knew what the excitement was about, but didn’t really understand it.

All this is fine with me. Still, I was curious.

The show has been so popular that the wait list for the DVDs at the library stretched into the hundreds. It was the same situation with the books, but it was really the HBO show I was curious about.

I admit it’s rather odd that I’m intetested in a TV show but not the books it was based on.

Last Wednesday, Phillip and I met up at the Capitol Hill Library before eating half-price burgers at Blue Moon.

There, on the library shelf, was Season One of Game of Thrones on DVD. Phillip said he wasn’t interested in seeing it until all the seasons have been out and we could binge-watch them.

I, however, was overcome with curiosity and serendipity. So I checked it out.

I watched the first episode last night, on the laptop and with headphones (so it wouldn’t spoil anything for Phillip). At least now I know what the show’s about.

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