And So It Goes (Away) Again

We’re playing The Sims 4 without custom content, but apparently that’s not enough.

I’m playing an unusual style for me: only one household. Phillip’s playing another household. I’ve plopped down two restaurants and a spa that the game gave me. I’ve built a gym. We’re keeping the game content to a mimimum, but apparently that’s not enough either.

I figured that the less I build, the less can glitch out.

A Sim I was playing this evening went to a party at Narwhal Arms, in Windenberg’s Old Town. It was then that I noticed that South Square Coffee was gone. It had become an empty lot.

I confirmed that it wasn’t a graphics glitch by trying to have my Sim travel there. The only option was to “Move a family into this lot”.

I looked at the list of clubs. The Avant Gardes’ hangout, formerly South Square, was listed as “None”. The coffeehouse was really, truly gone.

I found what appears to be an exact copy of South Square Coffee in the public gallery, and plopped it into the lot. (Why had someone placed this in the gallery? Are other players experiencing disappearing content, too?)

So now it seems that it’s not just user content disappearing from this glitchy game. Anything can vanish at any moment.

What is it with this game?

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