A Small Group

Writers’ Group is now Barbara, Rebecca, Russ, and me.

Rebecca had to work today. Shortly after I arrived at Barbara’s place, Russ called. An emergency had come up, and he couldn’t make it. So Barbara and I spent an enjoyable afternoon together.

I told Barbara that I hadn’t written anything for the group. I’ve been too glum and disheartened by the election to feel creative. She’d been feeling the same way, she said, and had only some older pieces to read today.

Over lunch, I told Barbara that I’m still keeping up with my blog, mostly, but I’m writing about things and events these days, and not so much about me. She suggested that I read her some blog posts.

So, I read some blog posts to our two-person group. (I found yet another unexpected use for my smart phone.) Barbara read some wonderful pieces about her childhood and life.

Even with just two people, Writers’ Group is 90% socializing and 10% reading.

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