The Bandwagon Has Passed, So Here I Am

Last night, after Phillip and I got home from seeing The Accountant with Christina at The Sundance, I decided to watch the penultimate episode of Season One of Game of Thrones before going to bed.

That next-to-last episode was so good, so full of shocks and surprises, that I went ahead and watched the season finale as well.

I have now seen Season One of Game of Thrones. I enjoyed it so much that I decided to put a library hold on Season Two. I was number 33 in line. I was willing to wait for the next season. (After all, it wasn’t like it was back when the show was more popular, and the hold list was close to 200.)

I checked on my holds this morning. Season Two of Game of Thrones was “In Transit”. It seems that the interest in the show, or at least the older episodes, has relaxed a bit.

The Accountant was a terrific movie, by the way. I thought it was original, well made, and not predictable.

4 thoughts on “The Bandwagon Has Passed, So Here I Am

  1. I didn’t see Season 1 until Season 3 had been released. I didn’t think I’d like it because of the violence. But the kings-and-queens historical drama aspect won me over. Episode 6 from Season 1 gave me nightmares – I was glad to see the character done away with, but how barbaric – shudder! Now I am waiting for Season 6 from the library – it was just released on DVD yesterday.

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