Vampires In Bellevue


We created characters for a new role playing game today, at Lori and Joe’s house in Everett.

This game will involve gangs of vampires, each controlling a different neighborhood of Bellevue, Washington. (The Mages control Seattle.)

Ben will be sitting this game out, and I’ll miss gaming with him. Joe and Lori will be joining us. (I’ve never gamed with them before now.) Daniel, Kelly, Kathi, Phillip, and I will be the other players, and Brian is the Game Master. It’s looking like this is going to be a fun game.

The character I created is of the clan Malkavian (a group of lunatics). The Malkavians control the Bridle Trails neighborhood. My character, named Spider Smith, owns a motorcycle repair shop. He’s also a loyal member of a motorcycle gang know as The Steeds. (They’re in Bridle Trails. Get it?) Another member of The Steeds is the owner of a brothel, which is where Spider goes to “feed”.

(Apparently, I’ve been watching a lot of Game of Thrones.)

Spider Smith’s particular type of lunacy is Delusions of Grandeur. He thinks he is (or should be) a member of the vampire aristocracy clan.

I’m looking forward to playing this character and seeing how he interacts with the other vampires.

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