New (To Me) Music

I haven’t added any new music to my iPod Shuffle since our laptop lost its full-time internet access – when Clear Wireless went out of business. That was a year ago this month. (I looked it up on this blog. November 2015 was not only when the laptop lost its internet access but also, by coincidence, when we disconnected our cable TV service.)

Meanwhile, I’ve been in search of some new music to get excited about.

I remain disappointed in Chvrches’ latest album – too polished, and poor Ian and Martin got pushed too far into the background.

There are three songs by Poliça which I like a lot – but don’t much care for the rest.

I just can’t get into Purity Ring, for reasons I can’t quite pin down.

Sia and St. Vincent remain just on the edge of my musical enjoyment.

Billy Bragg’s latest album hasn’t thrilled me.

When is Mont Oliver going to come out with some new songs?

Maybe my search is hindered by the fact that I can’t figure out what I’m looking for.

Today, Phillip posted a song named “Indian Summer”, by a musician known as Jai Wolf. I loved it. I spent the morning listening to all the Jai Wolf I could find, while I worked. Phillip says he discovered Jai Wolf while listening to Pandora. (He seems to have better luck finding new music through Pandora than I do.)

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