A Pho Day

I love phở. Phillip does not. (More specifically, Phillip does not love eating phở.) So, whenever Phillip’s away at a NorWesCon meeting, and I’m left home alone, I will often treat myself to a bowl of phở. Since I don’t know how to make phở, I will walk up to Than Brothers Pho, on Broadway, on NorWesCon meeting days.

I’d been invited to ride over to Bellevue with Phillip today, and, at first, I said yes. But when I learned it was a 2-hour meeting, and it was in Factoria, in the middle of nowhere (at least to my urban mind), I changed my mind. So, after Phillip let me know he’d arrived safely at the meeting, I walked up to Than Brothers. It was a crispy, clear day – perfect for a bowl of hot soup.

I liked Than Brothers a little better when it was in the dark, funky, old building on the east side of Broadway. It lost some of its atmosphere, but none of its quality, when it moved into the brand-new glass and metal building directly across the street. It is still the most efficient restaurant I have ever visited.

I stepped in, and the cashier called out “How many?” and I raised up one finger, and called back “One”. Without leaving the cash register, she pointed at a table, and I sat down. There’s nothing on the menu except various kinds of phở (each lettered), in three sizes, and beverages. The server came by within minutes with a plate of phở  additives, plus a little desert, and took my order. I ordered A (chicken),  large, and a Coke. The server must have misheard me, because instead of a Coke, she brought me a fresh coconut drink, complete with chunks of coconut. It was serendipitous, because the coconut drink was delicious – much better than a Coca-Cola would have been.


When I was done with my meal, I didn’t have to wait for the check. I just walked up to the cashier, who remembered where I was sitting. (If she hadn’t remembered me, I could have told her I was sitting at table 17 – or just pointed the table out.) While she was ringing up my lunch, my table was cleared and ready for the next customer.

On my way home, I made a detour to TNT for a latte.

On my way up to Than Brothers, I returned Season Two of Game of Thrones to the library. I finished it a couple of days ago, and then tried to un-pause my hold on Season Three, using Seattle Public Library’s mobile app on my phone. The mobile app is handy, but it’s rather limited. (The app was created by Boopsie, not SPL, by the way.) When I clicked what I thought would un-pause the hold, it actually canceled the hold. (I now think there is no way to either pause or un-pause a hold using the app.) So, I put a new hold on Season Three, and lost only four places in line – from 15 to 19 – so it wasn’t so bad.

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