Chocolate, Pinball, etc.

Phillip and I walked up to Broadway this afternoon, boarded a 49 bus, and exited at Denny, in front of Capitol Hill Station and the First Hill Streetcar stop. (We could have walked that far, but a 49 was due in 4 minutes, so we decided to save ourselves a few steps.) We just missed the streetcar, and had a 14 minute wait for the next one, so we walked back to Phoenix Comics and Games to browse around a bit.

We walked back to the streetcar stop, a streetcar was there, and we rode the streetcar to The International District. (Link light rail could have got us there, too, but the streetcar has better views and allows us to play Pokémon Go at traffic lights.)

The reason for our streetcar ride was the Holiday Pop-Up Market at Hing Hay Park. There were also some guest appearances by some Seahawks players, and a very slippery ice sleigh, but we were there to support small, local businesses.

The market was disappointingly small, but there were some good vendors there. We bought a box of cashew brittle from Lanier’s Fine Candies.

After the market, we walked over to the Seattle Pinball Museum, paid our admission, and played some pinball.

Phillip is a much better pinball player than me, but I still enjoy the game. We both prefer the more modern, electronic games, but it’s always impressive to see the early games from the 1960s there.

There was an interesting pinball game from 2015 at the museum. (I had no idea pinball games were still being manufactured!) It was called Indianapolis 500, and featured a completely digital playfield. The ball, the flippers, the ramps – everything was just a computer screen inside a pinball table. I played a game by myself, but decided it lacked the physical feedback I think a pinball game needs. It was an interesting idea, however.

After the museum, we stopped into Hong Kong Bistro (more or less at random) and had delicious Chinese food for a late lunch. Then we rode the streetcar back home.

A few things happened on the streetcar ride home which I had never seen before:

We made a brief stop at 7th and Jackson for a change of drivers.

After we got underway, we had our fares inspected.

A man got on at Broadway and James, and when the Fare Inspector approached him, explained that the ORCA reader wasn’t working at the stop. The Fare Inspector believed him.

The Fare Inspector exited at Broadway and Pine. Then we got stuck by an illegally parked car in front of Seattle College. Our driver honked the streetcar horn several times, in case the driver was in the area, then called the Fare Inspector, who was also a supervisor. The plan was to fold the car’s mirror in and see if the streetcar had enough clearance to get by until a tow truck arrived to remove the car. Just then, the car’s owner ( who both the streetcar driver and the supervisor recognized as a repeat offender) appeared and drove off. The delay was was handled well by passengers and staff alike.

It was a fun afternoon.

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