I settled into work this morning, preparing to catch up on four days’ worth of backlog. (I have the type of job in which work is generated even when the office is closed.) And, of course, times like that call for ear buds and music. I turned to YouTube.

For some reason, I went first to “Judge Dread”, by Prince Buster. It was then that I learned, for the first time, that Prince Buster died a month and a half ago. I suppose he was one of artists – the kind that doesn’t get enough recognition and yet influences a lot of other artists. Prince Buster was a member of the 1960s ska movement in Jamaica, and his music played a big part of the 1980s ska revival in England. For instance, the band Madness took its name from a Prince Buster song, and covered several of his songs. The Specials covered Prince Buster songs, and used elements of “Judge Dread” in their song “Stupid Marriage”, and elements of “Al Capone” in “Gangsters”.

So, as I worked this morning, I bounced around YouTube for Prince Buster music. And, as YouTube tends to do, it keep recommending videos for me, whether or not they had anything to do with what I was listening to, or whether or not I’ve played them before. Eventually, I found myself listening to Chvrches performing “Do I Wanna Know” for BBC Radio Scotland. I’d heard them covering this Arctic Monkeys song before, but not this particular session.

And down the YouTube rabbit hole I went, listening to old favorites, like David Byrne performing on French TV.

Then, I made a discovery that changed the course of my morning’s music. I have discovered Glass Animals. I absolutely love this band I had never heard before. I am especially fond of their exotic rhythms. So, it was Glass Animals for the remainder of the day.

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