Stranger In The Know

I got to the bus stop at Bellevue and Republican, and there was a full-sized semi, with a flat bed trailer, with some kind of construction tractor on it, blocking the southbound lane of Bellevue Avenue, mid-block between Mercer and Republican. The semi was parked there, with its flashers flashing and at least one traffic cone at its nose.

Bellevue Avenue is one of the larger streets in the densely-populated “I-5 Shores” neighborhood, but it’s still not a very large street.  Traffic could squeeze around the semi, slowly. I doubted that our 47 bus could get around it, but I decided to stick around for the show. The man, or men, with the semi were providing no traffic assistance whatsoever, so it was quite a mess with northbound traffic meeting southbound traffic head-on.

Our 47 bus arrived, heading southbound on Bellevue, and the driver wisely decided to not try to squeeze around the semi. So then the neighborhood had a truck and a bus blocking the southbound lane. We commuters at the bus stop were standing around looking at our bus, stuck a block away. I wondered when I should give up and start walking – no one at the bus stop was doing so – but I’m never in a hurry in the morning, so I decided to continue watching the show.

About the time our bus arrived behind the truck, one of the men (I think there was more than one) started to slowly drive the tractor off of the trailer. I thought it would have made an interesting photo, if it wasn’t so dark out.

Meanwhile, an SUV tried to back out of the driveway of an apartment building. The semi was completely blocking the driveway, however, and after trying to find a way around the truck and its trailer, the driver of the SUV gave up and drove back into the apartment building.

There were, of course, several cars parked on the curb, boxed in by the semi. These construction jerks were messing with a lot of people’s commutes.

(Yes, I understand that they had to get that tractor into the area for whatever reason, and there’s not a lot of space to park a semi in our neighborhood. But here’s what I would have suggested, had anyone asked me: Pull the semi into the bus stop. The trailer would be sticking out into traffic, for sure, but not as much at the whole truck was, and no driveways or parked cars would be blocked. It would be blocking the intersection,  but cars could get in and out of Republican Street through the alley. The 47 bus could have picked us up in the street.)

About the time I’d decided to start walking, the semi drove off and the 47 pulled in and picked us up, about 5 or 10 minutes late.

It was quite entertaining, and really no big deal – still, it put me in a worse mood than it really should have.

I missed my usual Link trains at Westlake Station, of course. I was at no risk for getting to work late, however. As I waited for several buses to arrive and leave, I noticed that there was one guy who’d walked past me, and had continued almost to the back of the platform, and was standing there.

A Link light rail train arrived. It was a 3-car train. I looked over and saw that the guy at the back of the platform had been standing in exactly the right spot for one the train doors. I was impressed that this stranger not only knew that the next train to arrive would have three cars, but also knew where the doors would be. 

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