If You Want To Get Around, Go Underground (Or Overground)

This afternoon, Phillip and I caught an 8 bus to Seattle Center and did some holiday shopping at the Museum of Pop Culture gift shop.



The Museum of Pop Culture, also known at MoPOP, used to be known as the Experience Music Project and Science Fiction Museum and Hall of Fame, or EXP|SFM, and before that, simply the Experience Music Project, or EXP. Personally, I am very happy with this latest name change. Since the museum hasn’t been exclusively music for a long time, MoPOP suits it better, and allows for growth.

MoPop has an excellent gift shop, and our shopping trip was successful.

After shopping, I requested that we take the monorail to Westlake, and then Link light rail home to Capitol Hill. Phillip was skeptical of the idea of going through Downtown in December. I had a plan, however – a plan which would avoid the holiday crowds, and I asked him to trust me. So, we bought one-way monorail tickets to Westlake.

After exiting the monorail, we walked over to the south end of the monorail platform, and rode the slow, creaky elevation down to the mezzanine level of Westlake Station. We tapped our ORCA cards, went down the station platform, and minutes later, we were on Capitol Hill. My plan worked, and I highly recommend it to anyone wishing to get though Downtown in early December.

On Broadway, we went into The Alley for dinner at our favorite Caribbean restaurant on Capitol Hill, Vaca Loca. (We call it our favorite, even though we’d been there only once.) It was closed, however – closed, as in paper covering the windows. So went the other side of the hallway and had delicious Korean food at Kimchi Bistro.

We came home, rested a bit, and then did some under-the-computer-table de-cluttering, in preparation for a plan to move the whole computer setup lower.

It’s been a good day.

2 thoughts on “If You Want To Get Around, Go Underground (Or Overground)

  1. You guys! Avoiding the holiday crowds, really? Last week I frolicked along the cheerful sidewalks of downtown Seattle, enjoying the lights and decorations, hotel lobbies, departments stores, etc.!! Well, at least you got your shopping done today. I did not buy anything on my downtown trip, I was too busy cavorting.

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