Is This The End Of Another Chapter?

I faced a tough decision, regarding today: Read or roll dice? Today was our monthly Writers’ Group, but it was also the day the gaming group chose to start playing our new vampire role-playing game.

I chose to start the new game, in Everett.

Before we left, I checked my email – something I don’t do on a regular basis these days. Barbara had sent an email on Friday, announcing that since no one could make it, December’s Writers’ Group had been canceled.

Barbara also asked if Writers’ Group should be ended permanently.

I’d been thinking, lately, about my history with Writers’ Group. There had been a talent show at church. I chose to read a piece I’d written about getting to work in the snow. (I’m guessing that this week’s weather was why this has been on my mind.) Afterwards, Barbara approached me, and invited me to join a group of writers who meet after church once a month.

I figure that I’ve been a member of Writers’ Group for around 12 years.

Barbara says that Writers’ Group has been meeting for 25 years. It was a church group, open to everyone, when I joined. Eventually, we broke away from the church and became a private group.

I sent out a reply-all email before we left for Everett this morning. I wrote that I enjoy Writers’ Group, and I want to stick with it. However, I wrote, I feel that a lot of energy has left the group. We’re down to four members now, and whenever someone can’t make it, it makes a huge impact. (I can’t remember when all four of us were there.) I wrote that there have been several months, lately, when I’ve found myself throwing some writing together the day before.

I wrote that I would like the group to go on, but I’m also thinking that it’s time for it to end.

I was saddened by this for most of the day.

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