No Biscuits

I headed out the door this morning, in the mood for some biscuits & gravy. It’s been a few weeks since I last stopped into Biscuit Bitch.

The 47 didn’t show up again this morning. I have no idea what happened this time – if it was a disabled vehicle on Summit, or construction equipment on Bellevue, or some guy taking a joyride around Capitol Hill in a stolen recycling truck, or what. This poor little route.

When the bus was over five minutes late, several of my fellow riders had already started walking, and I did, too. Instead of walking toward Downtown, as I’ve done in the past, I started walking away from Downtown. My plan was to check OneBusAway at the bus stop at Summit & Olive and, if the wait for a 10 or 43 was too long, keep walking up to Capitol Hill Station.

OneBusAway told me I had a two-minute wait for a 10 bus, so I waited. A 10 did, indeed, arrive two minutes later.

I got to work on time, but I didn’t get my biscuits & gravy.

Meanwhile, I finished Season 4 of Game of Thrones on Monday. Last Saturday, I un-paused my hold on Season 5. I decided to hang on to Season 4 for an extra day, to check out the special features and return it to the library on my way home today. This morning, I received an email that Season 5 was ready for pickup. The timing for my holds has been rather good, so far.

My hold on Season 6 is currently paused. I’m in position 701 on 125 copies. That seemed pretty daunting, until Phillip pointed out that that’s only about 7 holds per copy. I’ll un-pause it when I’m about midway through Season 5.

I have two more seasons of binge-watching, and then I’ll be caught up with Game of Thrones. I love our library.

There was a Seahawks game this evening, so I planned to take the 12 bus and First Hill Streetcar (or 9 bus) home, to avoid the crowds in the tunnel.

Commuting by public transit can be a game of strategy, if you’re lucky enough to live and work in areas with good transit options.

Traffic was jammed up Downtown, and as I stood at the bus stop on Marion, between 4th and 5th, with traffic crawling by, and OneBusAway telling me the 12 should have been here by now, I began to wonder if I’d made the wrong decision. I wondered when I should walk to the tunnel and catch Link.

A 12 bus arrived, with another 12 right behind it. They pulled into the stop together. The people waiting at the bus stop wisely split into two groups, equally boarding both buses. I don’t see that often. Usually, it’s everyone cramming onto the first bus and leaving the second bus empty. (I guess route 12 riders are pretty smart.)

The two buses seemed equally full, and I boarded the first bus at random. I exited at Broadway and walked over to the streetcar/bus stop.

 The 9 bus would get me closer to home, but the streetcar arrived first, after a one-minute wait.

I read a story in the Capitol Hill Blog today that the First Hill Streetcar is estimated to be serving 3,000 riders per day. I believe that. The streetcar I rode this evening was full, but not quite packed. I managed to find an empty seat, but I didn’t have many choices.

I met Phillip at the library. I returned Season 4 and checked out Season 5. We had dinner at Blue Moon Burgers, and then walked home.

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