Yesterday, a subset of my work group had its holiday sock exchange. Last month, “A”, “J”, “R”, “V”, and I each drew a name, Secret-Santa-style, and then had to buy that person a pair of socks that remind us of that person.

I drew J’s name, and, since she is a geek of multiple fandoms, Phillip and I took a trip to the MoPOP gift shop, where I bought her a pair of Gryffindor socks.

wp-1482421264732.jpgV drew my name, and I received a lovely IOU yesterday, explaining that she had left my socks by her front door, so she wouldn’t forget them, and then forgot them. That’s OK, I told her, it makes the holiday last longer.

V showed up at my desk early this morning, with my socks – a nice pair of fish socks.

Happy Holidays!

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