Thermal Point


Thermal Point is a growing city situated above the Arctic Circle. Its current population is around 40,000, and it is growing rapidly. Surrounded by rivers and mountains, its terrain is generally flat, which makes it idea for canals, but impractical for hydroelectric dams. Oddly, its canals never freeze – even when the temperature drops to -19° c.


Electricity is supplied by wind and solar power. Thermal Point has recently built its first nuclear power plant, to replace its aging coal power plant. Its water supply is heated by geothermal plants, which reduces the city’s electricity needs.


Geothermal Plant

Thermal Point has no bus system, other than its emergency services. Instead, it relies on a network of trams, heavy rail, and a circular subway line, to ease traffic flow in this densely populated city. There are no major traffic issues, despite multiple bottlenecks created by all those canals, plus a major freeway dissecting the city, and two other freeways along its east and west borders. Commercial and industrial needs are met by rail and shipping lines.


Thermal Point has recently been hit by an earthquake, which thankfully avoided most of the city. Casualties were avoided by an excellent early warning system, and property damage was minor. Because of its location, Thermal Point is subjected to frequent thunderstorms. The use of lightning rods, and a well-funded fire department, has so far kept thunderstorm damage to a minimum.

Thermal Point has been struck by several meteors – five, so far. The city has turned these meteor events into a minor tourist attraction. The district of Crater Island was built around a preserved impact crater, and has built a tourist lodge nearby. Meteor Park also attracts many visitors.



Meteor Park

I am quite pleased with the success and beauty of Thermal Point.


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