Christmas With Friends

Yesterday, Phillip and I met up with Shaylee at Capitol Hill Station. The three of us walked down Broadway, and had lunch at Freddy Junior’s. None of us had been there before, although Phillip and I had been meaning to try it for a very long time.

Lunch was delicious.

Next, the three of us stopped into Phoenix Comics and Games, for Phillip’s latest comic order, and then Rocket Fizz. At Rocket Fizz, I bought two packs of Necco (I can never decide if I prefer the original variety pack or the chocolate flavored wafers, so I always buy both), a bag of chocolate-filled licorice (which I’m not impressed with), and a Rocket Fizz mystery bag. (The bag contained a candy cane, an assortment of hard and soft candies, and a coupon for 10% off my next purchase. Nice!)

On Shaylee’s British recommendation, Phillip bought a bag of Jelly Babies. (He hasn’t opened them yet.)

Shaylee had to leave us during our visit to Rocket Fizz. It was an enjoyable, but too brief, visit.

Yesterday evening, Phillip and I drove to Scarecrow Video and rented three movies we’ve already seen before. We re-watched Tomorrowland  last night. We have tonight and tomorrow to watch Deadpool and X-Men: Apocalypse.

This morning, Phillip and I exchanged our presents to each other. Then we drove to First Hill to pick up Michael, and the three of us drove to Sundance Cinemas. Christina met us there. The four of us watched Rogue One. (Great movie!)

A movie on Christmas Day has been a tradition of Phillip’s longer than I have known him.


Lost Lake

After the movie, the four of us got in our car, and we drove to Lost Lake for prime rib dinner. For as busy as the restaurant was, we had only about a 40-minute wait for a table. Then, as we dined, we never felt rushed. I love Lost Lake. Dinner was delicious, as always.

We had great conversations over dinner. Then we drove Michael, and then Christina, home.


Prime Rib

It’s been a great weekend, and we have no firm plans for our day off tomorrow.

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