Our big project for today was to move our computer down, creating a two-tier computer desk from a three-tier computer table. It’s a project we’ve been meaning to get to for quite some time. And we did it, mostly. The monitor is now below eye level, instead of above. The printer is now easier to get to.

We did it without resetting the modem, which is quite a chore.

I don’t have any before and after photos, but trust me, this new setup is better.

The biggest part of the move was the clutter that had accumulated between the pieces of computer equipment. Our computer tends to be the center of our lives – if we want to make a note to remind ourselves, we stick it to the computer. If we want to set something down so we’ll remember where it is, we set it down next to the computer.

Moving everything gave us the opportunity to get rid of a lot of junk that became obsolete or forgotten next to the computer. We still have some sorting to do, but the computer setup is done, and it’s a lot better.

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