My Day

The alarm woke me up this morning. I got up, turned on my phone, booted up the computer, and sat down on the couch. Eventually, I realized I’d been sitting on the couch for a long time, just staring at nothing. All I wanted to do was sleep, and I’d already had a good night’s sleep.

I called work, and reported that I was sick. I went back to bed, taking my phone with me.

My phone’s alarm woke me up, so I woke Phillip up and sent him off to work.

I slept until ten or so. I did some reading, played some Sims 4, replied to a text message from a coworker who told me what happened at the group meeting, then I went back to bed.

I got up around three or so. I walked down to the lobby and picked up our mail. Then I returned to the couch and did some reading.

I lost my Pokémon Go streak today. I didn’t feel up to going outside.

I have a book, possibly two, to pick up at the library. I didn’t feel like going outside.

A DVD from our Netflix queue was in our mailbox today. We watched it tonight. It’s called Dead Within. It’s about a couple who lock themselves in a cabin during a zombie outbreak. He goes out everyday, looking for food and supplies. She stays behind, locked inside the cabin all day, never going outside. She eventually goes crazy.

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