Next Day

I went to work this morning, but Phillip did not. (His day off was planned.) I always get up with too much time on my hands (a habit left over from the sugar glider days) and without Phillip to share the morning with, it got pretty dull in the apartment. So, I left a little early, and walked up the hill to Capitol Hill Station.

Along the way, I dropped the Netflix DVD into a mailbox, and returned There Was an Old Woman into the Capitol Hill Library book drop. Ordinarily, when I have books to pick up, I’ll drop off any books needing to be returned on my way home, at the same time. But, since I was walking that way, I put the book back into circulation a little early.

It was a freezing morning, with pools of ice along the curbs, but it didn’t feel too bad this morning. Maybe it was because I was walking, or maybe because I’d recently recovered from the creeping crud.

I got to the station platform at the same time as the train arrived, so I didn’t have time to think about where I wanted to sit. I just walked into the nearest open door and sat down. It continues to amaze me how much more full Link trains have become since the opening of Capitol Hill and University of Washington Stations. It wasn’t until I de-boarded at Pioneer Square Station that I noticed that I’d ridden in the middle car of a three-car train. I wondered if the third car was anywhere as near as crowded as my train car was.

The up and down escalators at Pioneer Square Station, on Third, between James and Cherry, have been out of order for about a week now. I’ve been taking the stairs, or the elevator if there happens to be people boarding it when I’m there (I don’t wait for the elevator, in other words). A couple of days ago, I had the idea to take the other exit, on James Street. It turned out to be a good idea.

Maybe it’s the incline of James Street, but neither the escalator nor the stairs seem as long. Few people ever seem to use this entrance/exit. Plus there’s a great view of Smith Tower when you step out on the sidewalk. (See my latest “Randomness” post.) It adds a little extra walking to my commute, but it’s not much more. I used this exit again this morning, and I may continue to use it, even after the 3rd Avenue escalators are repaired.

Of course, I got to work way too early.


Capitol Hill Library

The library hold roulette worked against me again. The book I put on hold because it was on the shelf came in at the same time as the book I put on hold because the line of holds was so long. I picked up both books on my way home today.

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