A Day Downtown

Phillip and I hopped on a 47 bus to Downtown this afternoon. The trip was planned, but we hadn’t planned what we’d do once we got there. It was just a trip to go somewhere on a nice day.

We exited at Macy’s, between Fourth and Third. We walked over to Second, to use an ATM. Then we walked back up to Fourth. There was a health care rally going on in Westlake. We observed it from across the street.

We had lunch at Veggie Grill. I had a delicious Fork & Knife BBQ Mushroom Sandwich with a side of mashed potatoes. Phillip had his standard Buffalo Wings, also with a side of mashed potatoes.

We walked over to Target and did some browsing for nothing in particular. Phillip ended up a Pokémon t-shirt with matching Pokémon boxer shorts.

We walked next door to Seattle Coffee Works – I was in need of some coffee. The place was packed, however, with no empty seats. So we walked right out and continued on to Pike Place Market.

It was a beautiful day in Seattle – sunny, with temperatures in the 40s – so, of course, Pike Place Market was packed.

We walked up and down the upper level of Pike Place. We tried to find the market donation tile with my (and my ex-wife’s) name on it, but I couldn’t remember where it is. I used to know exactly where it is (it’s close to the fish throwers), but I haven’t looked for it in a long while. With the crowds today, it was difficult to do a lot of searching.

We turned down a random hallway, and came upon a random shop. Phillip started browsing through the racks of shoulder bags outside the shop. Phillip told me that, sadly, he may have to replace his pirate bag someday.


Right after the bus rescue

Several years ago, Phillip bought a shoulder bag with a skull-and-crossed-bones pattern at a street fair in Arlington. (Phillip loves pirates.) The bag has been used a lot over the years. Our friend Kristy recently sewed a new lining in it for him, to keep it from falling apart. Phillip lost the bag on a bus one time, and, with the help of Metro, we tracked the bus down. The bag was still on the bus. Phillip loves that pirate bag.

Just as he said that he may, sadly, have to replace his bag someday, he found an exact duplicate of his pirate bag (in much better condition, of course) on the racks outside of that random shop down some random hallway. Phillip bought it, of course.

After Pike Place Market, we walked to Westlake Station and caught Link light rail to International District/Chinatown Station. We had an early dinner (second lunch?) at the Uwajimaya food court. Phillip had Hawaiian BBQ pork, and I had chicken phở.

We rode the First Hill Streetcar back to Capitol Hill. We walked home from there.

According to our ResQwalk apps, we walked/light railed/streetcarred somewhere between 8 and 9 miles today. (It’s still a mystery why, even when we go the same places together, ResQwalk shows us such different results.)

It has been a wonderful day, even though I didn’t get my coffee.

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