A Day Off, And Here’s How It Started

There was a part of yesterday’s blog post which I wanted to include, but I forgot.

As Phillip and I left Uwajimaya, on our way to the streetcar, there was a Bolt Bus parked by the transit center, possibly loading passengers. Phillip said that it would be fun to take a spur-of-the-moment trip to Portland, right then, spend the night at The Mark Spencer, and come home the next day. I think he was serious. He sounded serious. Why not, he said, we have tomorrow off and nothing planned.

The idea actually appealed to me. I could imagine us doing just that. The only problem, I replied, is that we’d have to get back before seven o’clock tomorrow morning. Oh yeah, said Phillip, sounding disappointed, that’s right.

Who in their right mind would schedule a dental appointment at 7:00 in the morning on their day off? Me, that’s who. But, to be fair to myself, I made the appointment four months ago, and back then January 16th didn’t click in my mind as anything special.

It wasn’t until my boss approved my request for a half hour of sick leave, two weeks ago, that it occurred to me that I’d have the day off and didn’t need to request the sick leave.

So my day off started with the alarm waking me up, and me walking to the dentist’s office.


2 thoughts on “A Day Off, And Here’s How It Started

  1. The snow/ice is finally melting here in Portland today, but you might not have wanted to have been driving in it on Monday. I saw many bashed cars.
    If you two do visit (while awake) wear something recognizable to your readers? Maybe the giraffe mask?

    • I used to take solo trips to your beautiful city every year. I’d take the Amtrak Cascades, stay at The Mark Spencer, and spend two or three days joyriding on MAX – just enjoying some alone time. My last visit was in 2011. My 2012 trip was canceled by a job upheaval. It broke the rhythm, and I haven’t been back since. I really should check out the Orange Line someday.

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