Late Night Books


Not a book for the Challenge

I’ve realized lately that it’s been a long time since I’ve read anything on my Kobo Mini eReader. I suppose it was the extra activity I’ve had at the library this month, working toward the 2017 Reading Challenge, that started me thinking about this. I’d like to add in a few eBooks to the Challenge, just for variety. The problem is that Adobe Digital Editions – a necessary component to checking out library eBooks – doesn’t seem to like our desktop computer very much, and we can’t seem to get it to work properly.

As far as I know, Adobe Digital Editions still works on the old laptop, but it needs an internet connection. I’d have to take the laptop over to Top Pot, or the library, to download and upload each book. It would be easier to just pick up a book at the library.

Last night, Phillip and I made a late night visit to his office, to drop off some food in the food bank collection bin. While we were there, I scanned through the books on the used book shelf – sales go toward local food banks. “Does this book spine look red to you?” I asked Phillip. “No,” he replied, “It’s orange. Why? Is that a Category for the Challenge?” “A book with a red spine is, but not a book with an orange spine,” I said.

I ended up buying a book that could fit two Categories – “A book from a nonhuman perspective” (but I already have a book picked out for that), and “A book you got from a used book sale” (in the Advanced section of the Challenge). I could, of course, always change my Challenge plans, and I could always go back to the used book shelf for more books later.

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