Weekend Sleep

Phillip and I were supposed to be gaming in Everett today. I got up this morning, sent a message to Brian, saying we were both under the weather and wouldn’t be joining the game. Then I went back to bed.

Yesterday, Phillip and I boarded a 47 bus to Downtown, to see a movie. We got there early, on purpose, and spent some time browsing the artwork in the Washington State Convention Center.

The movie was Resident Evil: The Final Chapter. I think Phillip liked it better than I did.

After the movie, we rode Link light rail home. As soon as we got home, we got in our car and drove up to 15th Avenue for some shopping. Then we had dinner at The Canterbury. I had a chicken pot pie with an Eclipse Porter. (Phillip was driving, so I had the alcohol.)

Pot pies are among my favorite foods, and the one at The Canterbury was delicious.

Phillip started getting a headache over dinner, and went to bed as soon as we got back home. I did some reading, started falling asleep, went to bed, and slept for several hours.

This morning, Phillip’s headache continued, and he wasn’t sure if he was up to gaming today. I was having a tough time waking up, so I suggested that we both stay home. I sent a message to Brian and went back to bed.

Except for a little bit of reading, I’ve slept today away.

Darn it, I missed the protest Downtown. 

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