Alerting My Commute

As I was getting ready to leave our apartment this morning, I received a text alert from Sound Transit: “Link light rail service is temporarily interrupted due to a non-Link accident. Updates will be provided when information is available.” It effected my commute, but not much. I’d just ride a bus in the Downtown Transit Tunnel, instead of Link. I was glad I’d signed up for text alerts. (I thought it was slightly amusing that it specified that the accident was not their fault. It’s good customer relations, I suppose.)

Shortly before the 47 bus arrived at our stop, I received a second text alert: “Link is temporarily not serving the DSTT due to a non-Link accident: Ride 101 or 150 from Bay C to Link at Stadium Stn.” OK, I thought, so I will be busing it through the tunnel. Really, the only reason I wait for a train in the tunnel, in the mornings, is that it’s roomier, even when it’s crowded.

As our 47 entered Downtown, I received a third text alert: “Link light rail has resumed normal operations at all stations with service delays.” OK, so I’ll wait for a train after all.

I got to the station platform at Westlake and checked my phone. There was a fourth text alert. This one was from Metro Transit: “Link light rail and buses in the downtown tunnel have returned to normal operation at all stations with service delays.”

These text alerts, going from a service interrupted to service resumed, happened within a span of about 30 minutes. I am really impressed with how well, and how quickly, Sound Transit handles interruptions like this. I just wish Metro could send out similar, timely, alerts when route 47 is delayed.

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