The Sims 4 Is A Weird Game, Part 2

Stuff in The Sims 4 costs your Sims money. Except for clothes. Clothes are free. Sims don’t have to pay for clothes, or even shop for them. They just open a dresser and all the clothes that exist in the world are in there. A Sim in a cheap apartment with an entry-level job has the same clothing options as a millionaire Sim in a mansion. It’s weird.


I got this suit for free!

In The Sims 2, a Sim has to go shopping to buy more clothes. Different types of clothes have different prices, but all clothes pretty much cost the same. But, at least, clothes cost something. The more money a Sim has, the more clothes they can buy, and the more clothing options they can have. I miss the clothes stores in The Sims 2.

(I have never played The Sims or The Sims 3, so I can compare only the even-numbered Sims games.)

I think it’s awesome that, in The Sims 4, a Sim can have up to five outfits for each clothing category. But I think it’s weird that a Sim can change their clothes anywhere – even in the middle of a public park. (In The Sims 2, you need to have access to a dresser, closet, or changing booth in order to change clothes.)

I’m not complaining about either game. I’m just noting how weird a game simulation can be.

I also miss the grocery stores in The Sims 2. A Sim’s refrigerator will run out of food, and that Sim will either have to visit a grocery store, order a grocery delivery, order a pizza delivery, or starve. Groceries cost money, and the cost is based on the amount of groceries bought – measured as a percentage of a sliding scale. It’s a simplified simulation, but it makes sense.


Grocery shopping in The Sims 2

In The Sims 4, things get weird. Food cost is charged each time a Sim cooks something – and it’s the refrigerator that charges them. Want to make four bowls of chili? Open the refrigerator door, take out the ingredients, and money is automatically deducted from the household account. A refrigerator never runs out of food – leftovers can spoil, and need to be thrown out, but you’ll always be able to make dinner. (It’s like the refrigerator is some sort of food replicator, connected to your bank account.)


Magic milk!

There is free food available in The Sims 4 – sort of. Catching fish from a lake or stream is free, but cooking a fish usually costs money, since it involves a refrigerator. A Sim can grow their own food for free, but seeds cost a few simoleans. There are community gardens, and harvesting food there is free. Plants harvested from a community garden can be planted at home to grow more free food.

We have the City Living pack, and I like all the new things it offers. There are even fruit and vegetable carts that show up from time to time. It’s the closest thing, so far, that The Sims 4 has to a grocery store.


Grocery shopping in The Sims 4

5 thoughts on “The Sims 4 Is A Weird Game, Part 2

  1. Having never played any Sims games, you certainly do intrigue me with your posts on this subject. But, they do look complicated. Maybe I’ll start with the first one (for kids) and work my way up.

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